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Jukebox to administrate and create mp3 files


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MusicMatch Jukebox is the most complete tool for managing and creating mp3 files.

Thanks to Musicmatch Jukebox you will be able to convert Audio CDs, audio tracks or any sound source into mp3, burn mp3 Cds or DVDs, print CD covers, export music to your mp3 players,...

MusicMatch is a very good choice if you like music and you have lots of audio files, because you can have all of them controlled just from its easy to use interface.

MusicMatch allows you to listen to the music in the MusicMatch database, but this advanced feature is only available for users in USA.

MusicMatch JukeBox has been acquired by Yahoo, so this is its final version as MusicMatch Jukebox. New versions will be called Yahoo Music Jukebox.

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